Convert RSS/Atom feed to JSONFeed

This site is a RSS/Atom feed to `JSONFeed` ( converter. It is open source and lives at appsattic/ It uses the feed2json which in turn uses the excellent feedparser library to do the parsing itself.

The source code for [feed2json lives on GitHub]( so please use and send me any patches or pull requests to improve the quality of the conversion.


Note: this installation is currently usable by the public. Depending on how it goes, I may end up either making it private and you can install your own version, or moving it to different hosting. Please don't abuse this. If you'd like to use this application in a commercial project, please contact me.

To convert a RSS/Atom feed into JSON, use the /convert endpoint and pass it a url parameter. Here are some examples which each open in a new window:


Maxime Vaillancourt Twitter/@vaillancourtmax has produced an awesome tool to help you view the contents of your JSON Feeds. This can be used in conjuction with feed2json to view older RSS/Atom feeds too using the automatic conversion. Here is an example. Note: you have to escape the feed_url properly so that can work correctly.


Written by Andrew Chilton for AppsAttic. Feel free to contact us in any way.

Andrew Chilton: